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Everyone deserves to live a life full of joy, independence, and dignity. As a registered NDIS provider, Ekaa Care is dedicated to offering high-quality, personalised disability support services to Australians. The name Ekaa Care, inspired by the Sanskrit word “Ekaa,” meaning “One,” symbolises our commitment to treating each individual as unique and irreplaceable. Our mission is to support you in achieving your fullest potential by understanding your dreams, challenges, and needs. Our dedicated team of disability support workers prioritises listening to what matters most to you and then customising an NDIS plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Life is ever-changing, and so are your needs. Ekaa Care offers flexible and adaptive support services designed to help you live the life you want, on your terms. Whether you seek to thrive at home or within your community, our specialised services can be customised to fit your unique circumstances. If you or your loved one is living with a disability and aiming for a happy, independent life, we are here to assist. More than just a service provider, Ekaa Care is your partner in achieving a fulfilling life. Let us help you live to the fullest, reach your goals, and feel safe and supported every step of the way.

Trusted NDIS Service Providers in Sydney

As a Registered NDIS Provider, Ekaa Care upholds the highest standards of integrity and compliance with NDIS regulations. Our commitment to meeting these rigorous standards ensures that we maintain the highest levels of trustworthiness and accountability. Trust begins with knowing that we value virtue and compliance, which is at the core of everything we do.

Beyond our compliance with legal requirements, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional support services to our NDIS participants. Our services in Sydney are carefully designed with the participants in mind, and provided by well-trained disability support workers who undergo extensive training to ensure excellence and commitment. More than just skills, our staff embodies the values of compassion and care, treating NDIS participants as partners in achieving their fullest potential. We prioritise your voice in creating your personalised NDIS support plan, ensuring our processes align with your needs and aspirations. Ekaa Care strives to deliver the best service you deserve, continually earning and maintaining your trust.

Let us assist you in planning the support you need TODAY!

Together, we can create a personalised support plan that empowers you to live a more independent and fulfilling life.


Comprehensive Care and Support for you and your loved ones.

We value uniqueness. We strive to create the NDIS Support Service plan that will suit your needs and preferences. Our friendly staff can talk with you and start partnering with your NDIS Journey.

Our goal is to simplify life

Why NDIS participants choose us?

Convenience and relaxation of mind

Why NDIS participants choose us?

The support you deserve

We ensure that you are heard. Your voice is crucial because you understand your needs best. We are dedicated to supporting and customising services according to your preferences and requirements. We believe that what you know you need is what you deserve, and it’s our commitment to deliver exactly that.

Reliable customer support

We offer round-the-clock assistance and companionship at your service. Our friendly and helpful staff ensure prompt responses and actions. Whether you prefer calling, messaging, or visiting our center, we’re here to assist you with any questions or support you need.

We're always here to support

Count on us to be available and accessible for your needs 24/7. We’re here to partner with you in maximising your NDIS plan and supporting you in enjoying your NDIS journey. Trust that we have your back whenever you need us.



We understand that NDIS support plans are not one-size-fits-all. We prioritise a personal approach to each support plan and encourage your involvement in its creation. Our goal is to see you happier, more independent, and empowered.

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Ekaa Care embraces diversity by offering inclusive support services tailored to the unique needs of NDIS participants across Sydney.


Ekaa Care demonstrates accountability by adhering to ethical standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring reliable and quality support for NDIS participants.


Ekaa Care operates with transparency, ensuring clear communication and open information sharing to build trust with NDIS participants and stakeholders.


Ekaa Care promotes synergy through collaborative partnerships, working with NDIS participants, families, and communities to achieve comprehensive outcomes and empowerment.

Expert NDIS Service Providers in Sydney

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a program in Australia that supports people with serious and long-lasting disabilities. It provides funding for things like personal care, therapy, equipment for mobility, home modifications, and assistance with community activities and work. Ekaa Care is an NDIS provider in Sydney that offers personalised support services under this scheme, aiming to help individuals lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

What support does the NDIS offer to people with disabilities?

Here’s a list of the assistance provided by the NDIS to people with disabilities:

  1. Funding for Supports:Covers personal care, therapy, mobility aids, home modifications, and assistive technology.
  2. Community Participation: Supports involvement in community activities, social groups, and recreational programs.
  3. Employment Assistance: Provides support for finding and maintaining employment, including job coaching and workplace modifications.
  4. Skills Development: Funds programs to enhance communication, social interaction, and daily living skills.
  5. Support Coordination: Offers services to navigate and coordinate supports effectively, ensuring tailored assistance for individual needs.
What type of supports will the NDIS fund for

Personalised NDIS Solutions for Your NDIS Needs

  • Assistance with your daily tasks.
  • Transportation for social, economic, and daily life activities.
  • Therapeutic and behavioral support.
  • Help with household tasks to maintain home environments.
  • Home modification, design, and construction.
  • Provision of mobility equipment.
  • Vehicle modification.

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Who is Eligible for NDIS Support?
  • Reside in an area covered by NDIS.
  • Have a permanent and significant disability impacting daily activities.
  • Be under 65 years old.
  • Hold Australian citisenship, a Permanent Category Visa, or a Protected Special Category Visa.
  • Require assistance or equipment for daily activities.
  • Early Intervention is available for children with developing disabilities.

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Discover the comprehensive and compassionate care services provided by Ekaa Care. Our brochure provides an in-depth look at how we support individuals with disabilities in leading fulfilling and independent lives.


Our NDIS Support Services

Caring for individual needs is at the heart of what we do. Here’s how our support can make a difference for you

Assist Personal Activities High Care

Assistance with personal activities provided by Ekaa Care ensures you live your life independently both at home and community.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Daily Task Shared Living Service at Ekaa Care focuses on developing domestic skills among participants that allow them to live autonomously.

Participate Community

Ekaa Care is dedicated to helping individuals with a disability meet their goals related to participating in the community and social or recreational activities.

Group/Centre Activities

We motivate participants to participate in group/centre-based activities (community, social, and recreational activities) as this helps them to increase their social involvement.

Household Tasks

Assist people with disability in their daily household tasks that they find challenging to perform on their own.

Development-Life Skills

At Ekaa Care, we offer life skills and development services to people with disability that help them to live a better life.
…and many more

Ekaa Care FAQs

Curious about how Ekaa Care can support you or your loved one through the NDIS? Dive into our FAQs for quick answers to common questions. Whether you’re exploring our services or navigating eligibility, we’re here to provide clarity and empower your journey towards greater independence and well-being.

Yes, you have the flexibility to change your NDIS service provider if your needs or preferences change, or if you are unsatisfied with your current provider’s services.

Absolutely, involving family members in the NDIS planning process is encouraged. They can provide valuable input and support to help tailor your plan to better suit your needs.

Yes, pre-planning is crucial before meeting with NDIS providers. It helps clarify your goals, needs, and preferences, ensuring that the supports you receive are aligned with your expectations.

NDIS funds can be managed in various ways, such as self-management, plan management, or NDIA management. Each option offers different levels of control and flexibility in how funds are utilised for your support and services.

Depending on your chosen management option, you may need to cover costs for services that exceed your funded budget, particularly with self-management or plan management.

NDIS service providers must adhere to price limits set by the NDIA to ensure fair and reasonable pricing within NDIS guidelines.

The NDIS funds a broad range of supports tailored to individual needs, including personal care, therapy, assistive technology, home modifications, and community participation.

No, individuals over 65 are not eligible for NDIS funding. They may instead qualify for aged care services through the Australian Government’s aged care system.

If you are not approved for NDIS funding, you may still access support through other government-funded programs or services available within your community.

Exceptional Care for Every NDIS Participant by EKAA CARE, NDIS Service Providers Sydney

The NDIS funds a variety of supports for its participants, including:
  • Assistance with your daily tasks.
  • Transportation for social, economic, and daily life activities.
  • Therapeutic and behavioral support.
  • Help with household tasks to maintain home environments.
  • Home modification, design, and construction.
  • Provision of mobility equipment.
  • Vehicle modification.

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