Assist-Life Stage, Transition

We understand that life-stage transition is challenging not only for people with disability but for everyone. This is why Ekaa Care is here to support people with disability through their life stage transitions. There are many life-stage transitions that you may come across in your life, like joining the university, leaving home, changing jobs, or retirement. With us, you don’t need to be concerned about these transitions, as our NDIS experts are always available to support you in planning for change, including developing strategies that help you cope with the stress you may face during life-stage transitions. 

We ensure you can benefit at each life transition stage with our planned strategies that focus on individuals’ needs and goals. With proper pre-planning and communication, we are here to support you in achieving your short and long-term goals.

At Ekaa Care, we provide the following support to participants to prepare them for life-stage transitions. Also, we help participants identify the potential roadblock they should avoid on the road to success. Our life-stage transition support includes:

  • Support Connection
  • Assistance with accommodation, tenancy obligations
  • Life transition planning includes mentoring, peer support, and individual skill development.
  • Assistance with decision-making and planning
  • Mentoring Peer Support

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